JimmyJo & the Jumbol'Ayuhs hails from the "bayous" of coastal Maine. Based in Phippsburg, the Jumbol'Ayuhs serve up music from Cajun Louisiana with a Downeast accent. Featuring Jim Joseph on accordion, second fiddle, and vocals, and Pam Weeks on lead fiddle and vocals, the Jumbol'Ayuhs play lively two-steps and waltzes that tug at your heartstrings. Bill Olson on guitar, Elna Joseph on bass, and Kit Garovoy on percussion round out the sound and provide the bottom end that will keep you dancing!


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JimmyJo plays at the Waterwheel Stage

Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, ME

Same time same place. One of Maine's biggest and best agricultural fairs!  come on out!!!!


In Concert!

Common Ground Fair, Unity, ME

We play in the Amphitheater!


JimmyJo Cajun Concert and Dance Party

Drummore Bay Concert Hall, 516 Main RD, Phippsburg, ME

Maine's premier Cajun dance band, JimmyJo and the Jumbol'Ayuhs, is BACK at Drummore Bay in Phippsburg. This year we are clearing some space in the hall for dancing and are inviting folks to come dance as well as listen. here's the venue website: https://www.drummorebayconcerthall.com/index.html The hall is very intimate and a great place to listen where you are "up close and personal" with the band. This will be the case if you are dancing as well. Date is TUESDAY, Sep 10, and the show starts at 7:15 and runs to 9:30 (or so). There is pie and other desserts available at the break! Come on out!! Bring a friend! This will be a really good time!!

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