Here are some fun videos: We have a semi-regular gig at a watering hole in Hallowell, Maine, "The Liberal Cup". Great food, drink, and a great crowd! One thing that took a little getting used to was that the band has to squeeze into this long narrow space where they normally play darts! We manage, but it's a little tough getting in and out. Click on any of these YouTube videos (or all at the same time if you want - arrrgghhh). (Be sure to pause the "automatic" audio track at the top of the page first)

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Cajun "Mardi Gras" dinner and dance in Cherryfield with Jimmyjo & the Jumbol'Ayuhs

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Cherryfield Academy, Main St, Cherryfield, ME

Back for another year!! JimmyJo and the Jumbol'Ayuhs ( audio and video here: will be playing for a Cajun "Mardi Gras" dinner and dance at the amazing Cherryfield Academy community center.. Dinner at 6PM with jambalaya and Cajun etouffee. For the etouffee, fresh crawfish brought up from down south JUST for this party!! The band, Maine's own traditional "dance hall" Cajun band, will start playing after the feed and play until 9:30 or whenever folks have had enough! Cajun dance instruction can happen if you want but, as the Cajuns say, "it's all good", just get out there and boogie.. Come on out, bring a friend, bring a beverage, come dance, eat, listen, hang out.. This will be a night to remember, a true cabin fever reliever in downeast Maine!!! Donation is $20 (includes the food) info, central Maine; 207-666-3709 or "day of" 860-460-8348 .. This is an event NOT TO MISS!!!! aiyeeeee!

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